Upon researching famous web designers, I came across Marco Dugonjic from Croatia.  Marco is the designer and founder of TypeTester.org which is a website that tests type side-by-side in a browser along with offering other features that have proved invaluable to other web designers.  Marco is know to others as a “CSS guru.” Examples of his work can found at http://www.creativenights.com/portfolio/

Next on my list is Fabio Sasso.  Mr. Sasso is Brazilian graphic and web designer who currently works for google.  He is the founder of Abduzeedo which he started as a personal project and has become what he is most known for.  Abduzeedo is a blog that educates others on his self-taught skills and tutorials on Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, CSS.  He’s had clients such as MSNBC, Wired UK, Adobe, Digital Arts Magazine, Abril and others. Examples of his work can be found at http://fabiosasso.com/

Last but not least, Veerle Pieters, Belgian born and the owner of Duoh!. Ms. Pieters idease are chosen randomly and come from ads, illustrations, books and my personal favorite, Adobe Kuler.  Upon viewing her website, you are enriched with her wonderful sense for color and design.  Her blog is very eye-catching and attractive.  Her blog includes information about graphic and web design and modern home design. Examples of her work can be found at http://veerle.duoh.com/